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Jan. 31, 2002

The Jewish Ethicist: Does an "expert witness" have to be impartial?

The Promised Land : The Jewish Gen-X strip gets philosophical --- in a "universal" sorta way

Jan. 30, 2002

Alan Dershowitz: Let America take its cues from Israel regarding torture

Richard Z. Chesnoff: Iran & Syria up the ante in Arafat's war on Israel

Jan. 29, 2002

Rabbi Avi Shafran: Confessions of a Jewish fundamentalist

Linda Chavez: Let Israel declare war
on Gaza and the West Bank

Jan. 28, 2002

Jonathan Tobin: Secular rabbis planting mischief

Ted Roberts: Judaism was Earth-friendly before it was trendy

Jan. 25, 2002

Phil Jacobs: The Little Kohain

Ask Wendy: The new 'Jewish question'; unfaithful oldsters; gambling on our family's future

Jan. 24, 2002

Yossi Klein Halevi: 'Cycle of Violence' is a Middle East lie

Ethel G. Hofman: 15 minutes -- or so -- desserts

Jan. 23, 2002

Michael Feldberg: Don Solomono, Jewish Indian Chief

Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip

Jan. 22, 2002

Sam Schulman: Goldhagen to Christianity: Whatever You're Doing, Stop It!

Paul Wieder: Jews and Jazz

Jan. 21, 2002

Jonathan Tobin: Shipping Out: Why the 'Karine A' story failed to register on some radar screens

Michael Ledeen: It's Munich, all over again

Jan. 18, 2002

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: The sanctification and importance of time

Ask Wendy: Should son invite mom to bar mitzvah --- against dad's wishes?; pay-off time?; 'my son is blackmailing me'

Jan. 17, 2002

The Jewish Ethicist: If a job was harder than we expected, does the contractor deserve a little extra?

David Horowitz: Why Israel Is The Victim And The Arabs Are The Indefensible Aggressors In the Middle East (WOW!)

Jan. 16, 2002

MichaelLong: Discretion and Art

Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip

Jan. 15, 2002

Jonathan Tobin: Is there life after liberalism?

Drs. Michael A.Glueck & Robert J. Cihak: Score one for the value of human life

Jan. 14, 2002

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder: Made for TV wars

Richard Z. Chesnoff: Temple Mount desecration on Arafat's hands

Jan. 11, 2002

Jonathan Rosenblum: Honor the Sabbath --- create a two-day weekend in Israel

Charles Krauthammer: Ship Of Truth

Jan. 10, 2002

Yossi Klein Halevi: Seized ship is terror wake-up call

Ask Wendy: Hard to move on; separation anxiety

Jan. 9, 2002


Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip

Jan. 8, 2002

Michael Ledeen: What's the Holdup?: It's time for the next battles in the war against terrorism

Sam Schulman: What's the Holdup?: It's time for the next battles in the war against terrorism

Jan. 7, 2002

Jonathan Tobin: Believing Christians better wake-up to Arafat's ultimate goals

Beth Pollack: The Lesson of the Wall

Jan. 4, 2002

Rabbi Berel Wein: Meditation and isolation

Ask Wendy: Salvaging a sister; mother knows best?

Jan. 3, 2002

Dick Morris: Clinton's priority: Political correctness over fighting terror

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder: Pardon Our French (They Just Can't Help Themselves)

Jan. 2, 2002

Michael Feldberg: Mordecai Manuel Noah: How Buffalo almost became the gateway to the Promised Land

Paul Wieder: Klezmer: Backward and forward

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